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99.9% of leyla’s likes are from you champagnegrandpa

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thomas tait ss 15
irene hiemstra

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Victoria Beckham SS 15

Haute Couture Blog :)

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Ok, I’ve started enough shit on Leyla’s blog but honestly has no one called destinigga out for having that url yet?

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i luv amez!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous: I know this is really creepy and weird but I saw you in real life on Sunday when I went down to London and I was too scared to come up to you. I didn't recognize you at first because you honestly looked so much more beautiful that in pictures, you look like a model, and you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. I really wish I came up to you.

what what is this a real message omg how crazy, i rly wish u came up 2 me n talked to me awww, this is so strange omg. thank u soooo much wow are u real!!!!😱😱😱 ur soooo sweet!!! wow i wish u came and talked to me ur so cute this is the nicest msg ive ever gotten 

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Yeohlee S/S 2009

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